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Ministry Moments by Mark Burton


The Inscription from Lubeck Cathedral
Jesus wouldn't say this but He could...

I forget where I first heard about this inscription, but it has always made me think, A Lot.
What does Christ think about how I live?

  Ye call Me Master and obey me not,

   Ye call Me Light and see Me not,

   Ye call Me Way and walk Me not,

   Ye call Me Life and desire Me not,

  Ye call Me wise and follow Me not,

  Ye call Me fair and love Me not,

  Ye call Me rich and ask Me not,

  Ye call Me eternal and seek Me not,

  Ye call Me gracious and trust Me not,

  Ye call Me noble and serve Me not,

  Ye call Me mighty and honor Me not,

  Ye call Me just and fear Me not,

    If I condemn you, blame me not.


 After reading this again, I am reminded of this phrase,

  We aren't called to be like
    other Christians;

  we are called to
      be like Christ.

And we can be like Christ, if we remember Philippians 4:13:
"I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me."

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