Forgiven - Christian Rock and Praise Team
Phoenix, Arizona

How can you place an order for a CD?

We are pleased to make CDs available on a gift basis, meaning that they are made available at whatever each individual chooses to give. We can do this, not because we are independently wealthy, but because of the gifts that individuals make to this ministry. Those who give generously make it possible for us to give to others who can't afford as much. By doing it this way our hope is that people will recognize that we are committed to ministry rather than just selling a product.

The best way to place an order for a CD is to send mail to:

PO Box 86906
Phoenix, AZ 85080-6906

Please include in your letter the following information:  Your Name,  Address, Phone number, and if possible an Email address.  Include the selections you desire from the following list:


Come As You Are __________Enter Quantity
Forgiven, by request __________Enter Quantity
Simple Soul __________Enter Quantity
The Passion of the CHRIST __________Enter Quantity
Forgiven - Live at St James __________Enter Quantity
Listen My Children __________Enter Quantity

When determining your gift amount for each CD use this as a guide:

  • An average retail price for a CD is approximately $15.00

If you can afford a gift in those amounts or greater, you would be part of helping Forgiven to "Share God's Love Through Music" through our free performances and toward producing future recording projects. 

When offering a gift for the CD, please include a check or money order. Sorry credit cards are not accepted at this time, and cash in the mail is a bad idea!  Make the checks or money order payable to:  CCM-Forgiven.

How can you help Forgiven's ministry?

We really appreciate your interest in the music and the ministry of Forgiven. The mission of the CampFire Christians Ministries (CCM) and Forgiven is to "Share God's Love Through Music".

To that end Forgiven regularly schedules free performances at adult care facilities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and provides recorded music as a gift to the facility's residents. Forgiven is also available for other performances such as church picnics and revivals, Christian weddings and private parties. To enable CCM and Forgiven to provide these services, gifts and donations by individuals and organizations are accepted. All of Forgiven's music CDs were produced entirely by those gifts and donations to CCM and Forgiven.

Your prayer for Forgiven is the best thing that can be done for this ministry. Knowing that you will pray for the success of the ministry is important. As a visitor to this web site, we appreciate every prayer for our mission and ministry.

If the Holy Spirit leads you to do more, then please send your donation to:

PO Box 86906
Phoenix, AZ 85080-6906

It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will use the music ministry of Forgiven to help people recognize the free gift that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, offers. We pray that you will accept His gift and......

....."Walk with Him FORGIVEN"


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