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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Current Entry: August 15, 2016
Entry 37: Strive to Enter Through the Narrow Door

Previous Entry: August 1, 2016
Week 36: Enter Through the Narrow Gate

Next Entry: August 29, 2016
Entry 38: Where ever the Spirit leads me.

Weekly Entries
Week 1: It Starts with Love
Week 2: The Other Love Commands (Part 1)
Week 3: The Other Love Commands (Part 2)
Week 4: The Rest of the Story
Week 5: Do Not Worry
Week 6: Do Not Fear
Week 7: Abide in Me
Week 8: Believe In Me
Week 9: Repent
Week 10: Benefits of Obedience
Week 11: Benefits of Obedience Continued
Week 12: Benefits of Obedience Continued
Week 13: Ask, Seek, and Knock
Week 14: Ask, Seek, and Knock - Continued
Week 15: Ask, Seek, and Knock - Continued
Week 16: Ask, Seek, and Knock - A Summary
Week 17: Taking A Break to Reflect
Week 18: Give
Week 19: Peace, Be Still
Week 20: Render Unto Caesar
Week 21: Something Different
Week 22: Beware of False Prophets
Week 23: Preach The Gospel
Week 24: Preach The Gospel - A Deeper Dive
Week 25: Watch Out
Week 26: Reflection
Week 27: Go AND Sin No More
Week 28: In Remembrance of Me
Week 29: Recap
Week 30: Be Reconciled
Week 31: Let Your Light Shine
Week 32: Abide In Me - Redux
Week 33: Have Faith in GOD
Week 34: Taking a Break to Reflect
Week 35: It Starts with Love - Redux
Week 36: Enter Through the Narrow Gate

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